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About Pigeon Arts

Founded in 2008, Pigeon Arts provides custom-tailored creative programs to meet your educational interests and budgets!  Our focus is on each student's creative process, as well as, on celebrating finished pieces.  We specialize in transformative programs that promote social change.  Working with a wide variety of communities, we offer unique creative experiences, specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Program Highlights


  •  "The Trans Altered Book Project" - A nine-week course in altered book techniques for Trans-Identified participants, culminating in a traveling exhibition entitled, "Unfolding Identities: Chapters of Self." This project was funded through a Leeway Foundation "Art and Change Grant Award." 

• Therapeutic Art Classes, including “Treasure Hunting” -- a three-month program designed in collaboration with BuildaBridge, Inc. for children ages 8-17, living in a West Philadelphia shelter.  This program offered participants the opportunity to create treasure boxes with self-portraits on the outside and painted canvas scrolls of people, places and things they treasure, rolled and saved within each box.

• “Collaborating with the Creator” – a monthly program at Frankford Friends Meeting, for children to explore their spirituality through creating art.


• “Peace Mobile” workshop – an MLK Jr Day program developed for the Anti-Violence Partnership of Philadelphia, serving children who have lost a family member due to murder.

Director Bio

therapist including:


  • art centers
  • community centers
  • homeless shelters
  • schools and colleges
  • nursing facilities
  • summer camps
  • churches
  • LGBT centers
  • partial hospital day programs
  • domestic violence survivor centers

Jesse is culturally competent with a clear understanding of how to engage a wide variety of audiences.  ​She especially enjoys working with disenfranchised and/or marginalized communities including: People of low socioeconomic status, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex people; people with mental and developmental disabilities, people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, and people who struggle with chronic homelessness; Survivors of Hate Violence and/or Domestic Violence.  
Jesse also enjoys working with corporations and nonprofit organizations to provide internal creative professional development programs that will help each agency to better serve its mission and constituents.
In addition to Pigeon Arts, Jesse serves as the Arts and Spirituality Coordinator for Pendle Hill and as a Teaching Artist for the ArtWell.

Jesse’s art has been exhibited in the Greater Philadelphia area, Allentown, PA, Greensboro, NC, Penland, NC London, England and Medellin, Columbia.  Her poetry has been published in several literary magazines, both locally and nationally.  To learn more about her art, please visit the Pigeon Arts: Marketplace.

Jesse White

Jesse provides cathartic and transformative creative arts and writing programs to participants of all ages.  She earned her joint BA in Psychology and Integrative Studies (theme: Creative and Spiritual Process) from Guilford College in 1999 and her MBA in Health Care Administration from American Intercontinental University Online in 2005. 
​Jesse has worked in a variety of settings as an expressive arts

2010 - present

2010 - present

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