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Moving & Making with your Inner Artist

        July 17, 2016    9:30-4:30           The Iron Factory, 1401 Fontain St., 19122             $250, includes supplies


 ​Ready for creative play as a means of personal and spiritual growth?  Together we will embody a journey of honoring and then quieting our inner critics.  Through movement, visual arts and writing exercises, we travel through three steps:  letting go of that which does not serve us, crossing a threshold into a strengthened relationship with our creative selves, and integrating our learning into a plan for sustained creative practices.  No experience or particular skill sets necessary to participate.  If you are interested in rekindling a friendship with your Inner Artist, this workshop is for you!

  Facilitors:  Lee Fogel, Director of The Visioning Body and Jesse White, Director of Pigeon Arts

For more information and to register, please click HERE

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